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One of the most asked questions I get on IG is what natural shampoo/conditioners I like. So many make your hair greasy or don’t cleanse very well. Although it takes time to transition, the shampoo should actually clean your hair and not leave it feeling greasy after a month of use. I’ve tried A TON. Seriously…the last 6+ months I’ve been trying new hair products and have 12 bottles in the shower that Jered would like to see gone haha. I’ll share my roundup and experiences with each one. I do have a little color (bleach) on my hair and so I try to use either purple shampoo or clear shampoos. I’ve been told that tinted yellow shampoo (yes, even the kinds for blonde) will make your blonde locks brassy. But I like my hair more of an ashy color, so purple shampoo/clear it is. I’ve also been told that the hair products listed for “color treated hair” aren’t necessarily great for blondes. All so confusing. I use purple shampoo a lot more since moving to Utah, because the water has a ton of minerals and makes my hair brassy. So just like everything, what works for me may not work for everyone or even be necessary. Tip: apply conditioner from mid hair and down to help reduce greasiness at the roots. Giving ya the breakdown below- in no particular order.

*I’ll keep adding to the list as I try new products!

xx -♡Kait




1. Function of Beauty

This is my new favorite shampoo & conditioner. I had a friend (who knows EVERYTHING about all things beauty) tell me about it and I had to try it out. It’s non-toxic and can be customized according to your hair needs. If you opt for coloring, they use vegetable-grade dyes – I finally found a good purple shampoo for my blonde hair! You can also choose your scent, and they even have an essential oil option. I definitely recommend getting it in a medium or strong scent! I LOVEEE this stuff. This is my customized formula:

SIZE/COLOR: purple 8oz Shampoo, purple 8oz Conditioner
FRAGRANCE: all (you)calyptus, light
PROFILE: wavy, fine, normal
GOALS: fix split ends, strengthen, anti-frizz, color protection, shine

Price: $15+
Leave hair oily? No. This is one of the best natural shampoos I’ve used.
Days Between Washes: 3ish

If you want $5 off your first order just go here! (NOT sponsored!)

2. EverEscents

I looked for a natural blonde shampoo for a LONG time and had no luck in the U.S (obviously until  now!). Either the product wasn’t actually natural like it claimed, or it was the regular old purple shampoo that I didn’t necessarily wanna use. After much research I stumbled across an organic Australian-based company, EverEscents. This was the first natural purple shampoo I tried and it worked great for me. I used their organic Berry Blonde products for a year and really liked them. They smell incredible and are a deep, deep purple color. Unfortunately, shipping was $50 because they only sell their products in Australia. After these ran out, I switched to Function of Beauty!

Price: $20+ but shipping out of country is super expensive!
Leave hair oily? No, but really lather and massage the scalp with the shampoo.
Days Between Washes: 2-3 days

3. Innersense Beauty

Innersense is a lovely product and has gotten a lot of attention recently (Allure 2017 Best of Beauty). Their products smell amazing and are made with ingredients like shea butter, avocado, sunflower seed and coconut oil, and essential oils! My hair does get a little greasy after a day or two of this, so I just make sure to really concentrate the shampoo on my roots and only condition from mid-hair down. Never roots, unless I’m doing a treatment.

Price: $28+ got mine from The Organic Bunny
Leave hair oily? So-So. But again, you truly have to work the shampoo in your hair and massage the scalp.
Days Between Washes: 2 days

4. Acure Organics

Acure was one of the first natural hair products I’ve tried. I LOVE their body wash and other products. The hair products are decent, but my hair is oily in about a day or two. I just didn’t feel like it was ever completely clean. I have fine hair, but it’s super thick and I have a lot of it. Maybe if my hair was thinner it would have work better. I just found myself using a ton of shampoo and not accomplishing the results I wanted.

Price: $8+
Leave hair oily? Kind of.
Days Between Washes: 1-2 days

5. SheaMoisture

LOVEEEEE these! I use a repair mask from them once a week and it’s amazing. Their products are so inexpensive and you can find them at Target. If you really need hydration, I would recommend these. I used to use their curly shampoo/conditioner for summer months when it was humid outside (before moving to Utah) and it worked wonders. My hair is always so soft after using these products.

Price: $8+
Leave hair oily? Yes and No. If you have oily hair, some of their products may make your hair oiler. Again, just don’t apply to roots.
Days Between Washes: 1-3 days

6. Desert Essence

I love love these products- everything from hair to essential oils. Desert Essence is all about creating naturally-effective products that are healthy for our self-care routines. They source sustainable ingredients to ensure purity and quality while also preserving the planet. No artificial colors or fragrances, just pure ingredients. Their new lines: Anti Breakage & Smoothing are my favorite products I’ve tried from DE. The price point is amazing and you get a salon-quality product. My hair is super super dry, especially in the winter, so I’ve been rotating between a purple shampoo and the anti-breakage line from DE. The anti-breakage includes Keratin and Pro-Vitamin B5 to help reduce breakage by 61%. The smoothing line is if ya want to increase the shine of your hair. It has apple cider vinegar, tee tree oil, and their Hi-Gloss technology to make your hair super shiney, silky, and smooth. All of these products have worked well for me, even the anti-breakage. It has a yellowish tint, but hasn’t made my hair brassy.

Price: $10-12
Leave hair oily? No. This is one of the best natural shampoos I’ve used.
Days Between Washes: 3-4

Favorite Hair Brushes!

I discovered Olivia Garden not too long ago and am obsessed! It’s the first hair brush I’ve bought in 5 years haha and I’ll never buy another brand. All of the brushes are anti-frizz and perfect for styling. My favorites are the R-7 Brush, Paddle Brush, Vent Brush, and Round Brush (on major sale right now). All brushes are on Amazon Prime :)!


Specifically for Blondes

I use Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel treatment once a week for 2-5 minutes. It’s amazing and takes away brassy tones, while leaving my hair feeling super soft! It’s not necessarily the cleanest, but still great for a purple shampoo. Kevin Murphy’s ingredients are from companies that use organic growing practices or ecologically sound wild harvesting. There’s tons of vitamins and antioxidants and all the products are sulphate free, paraben free, and cruelty free.


This post was partially sponsored by Desert Essence. It also contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting

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