Eb & Bean

Eb & Bean

Cuisine Type: Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream Shop

Good For: Dessert, Snack

Available Food Options: Gluten-Free, Paleo-Friendly, Vegan, Vegetarian

What's to love?:

Eb & Bean completely transforms the frozen yogurt game. It’s organic, rich in probiotic, and they offer both dairy & non-dairy flavors. No artificial anything, no GMOs, no corn syrup, and no preservatives. Not to mention it’s super thick, creamy, and unlike any dairy-free froyo I’ve had before.

Their non-dairy chocolate magic shell is a dream and don’t leave without getting one of the TOMBUMBLE candy bars. It’s basically chocolate-covered caramelized peanut butter, and it will rock your world.

Restaurant Info:

Locations in: Portland

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Website: Eb & Bean


A restaurant offering gluten-free or other dietary options does not does mean ‘allergy-free’ facility as their kitchens are not guaranteed to be 100% allergy-free and cross contamination may occur.

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