Living Kitchen

Living Kitchen

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Living Kitchen is a 100% plant-based organic restaurant with several locations in North Carolina. Originating in Charlotte, it eventually made its way to the Raleigh & Chapel Hill area. The menu consists of cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and delicious dishes like the Biblical Breakfast, Living Bagel, pad thai, sweet potato sushi roll, and Fire & Brimstone burger. Most of the menu is raw, but there are a few cooked options too. Don’t be discouraged by the word “raw”. If you’re thinking piles of raw carrots and a big ol’ salad, you’ve got it all wrong. I’m talking a spin on our most beloved entrees and desserts. Think,”manicotti” aka thin slices of zucchini pasta stuffed with ricotta cashew cheese smothered in a tomato basil marinara or the tiramisu with layers of almond-hazelnut crumble, cacao, and vanilla coconut-cashew cream infused with espresso. They even have housemade chocolate chip cookies served with your choice of dairy-free milk!

The menus are basically the same at all locations, but hours slightly differ and the Raleigh location is closed on Sunday.

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A restaurant offering gluten-free or other dietary options does not does mean ‘allergy-free’ facility as their kitchens are not guaranteed to be 100% allergy-free and cross contamination may occur.

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