Publik Coffee Roasters

Publik Coffee Roasters

What's to love?:

A coffee shop that happens to make the best toast you will ever bite into. I know what you’re thinking, “Toast?… I can make this at home.” But no, no you can’t make this toast at home. The toast is cut into thick pieces of your choice of homemade, local bread. They also use local organic jams, which you can purchase there. My personal favorite is the strawberry rhubarb jam & cream cheese on organic peasant bread. Other jams include heirloom tomato, pear lavender, apricot ginger, and orange habernero with different cheese options: cream, blue, and goat. The toast menu doesn’t stop there. Choose from cinnamon & sugar, avocado toast, or build your own! On to the coffee. The blonde mocha is superb and the cortados or cappuccinos are creamy and delicious. Definitely a SLC must try!

Restaurant Info:


A restaurant offering gluten-free or other dietary options does not does mean ‘allergy-free’ facility as their kitchens are not guaranteed to be 100% allergy-free and cross contamination may occur.

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