The Crack Shack

The Crack Shack

Cuisine Type: American

Good For: Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch

Available Food Options: Gluten Free Options

What's to love?:

The Crack Shack is located in the booming neighborhood of Little Italy and opens daily at 9 am. It’s a lively outdoor patio setting serving chicken & egg dishes, drinks, and homemade sauces. You’re probably wondering why a fried chicken restaurant is featured on my website. All food belongs and if you’re wanting fried chicken, you shouldn’t have to stick to fast food joints. The Crack Shack is a fast-casual restaurant that doesn’t hold back when it comes to the quality of ingredients. They are completely changing the game by sourcing local ingredients and humanely raised & pastured chickens from Jidori Chicken in Southern California. Chicken is at the core of their restaurant concept and they make sure to give you the real thing by avoiding deceiving food lingo like “natural” or “cage free”.

The most popular sandwich seems to be the Firebird with spicy fried thigh, cool ranch, crispy onions, and pickles served on a potato roll. So full of flavor! They also have other bun options like brioche or English muffins. The fries are cooked in schmaltz (aka chicken fat) and out of their 6 dipping sauces, the kimchi bbq sauce is a must try!

For gluten-free options, they have salads and bowls. Just ask for clarity on which menu items can be made gluten-free.


Restaurant Info:


A restaurant offering gluten-free or other dietary options does not does mean ‘allergy-free’ facility as their kitchens are not guaranteed to be 100% allergy-free and cross contamination may occur.

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