Townsend’s Tea Company

Townsend’s Tea Company

Cuisine Type: Tea House

Good For: Snack, Tea & Drinks

Available Food Options: Gluten-Free, Vegan

What's to love?:

Kombucha lovers! I know what you’re thinking, “I thought you could only find Townshend’s in a bottle at Whole Foods”. Nope! You can drop in and enjoy all the booch you want. They have all their flavors on tap, but Townshend’s is far more than just kombucha. They are a full functioning tea bar with the most extensive chai menu I’ve ever seen. The menu features flavors like pumpkin, vanilla spice, yerba mate, dark forest, masala, and ginger green chai. They also have boba and loose leaf tea to be enjoyed along side a warm pastry, perfect for a chilly Portland day!

Restaurant Info:


A restaurant offering gluten-free or other dietary options does not does mean ‘allergy-free’ facility as their kitchens are not guaranteed to be 100% allergy-free and cross contamination may occur.

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